Mr KWOK Kai-ning, Kenny
English Panel Chairperson and Gifted Education Committee Member
Oblate Primary School

Mr KWOK Kai-ning, Kenny received his bachelor degree in education from Hong Kong Institute of Education and a master's degree in teaching English as a second language from City University of Hong Kong in 2007 and 2012 respectively. He completed the foundation course in gifted education in 2014. He has been endeavouring to incorporate the 13 High-order Thinking Skills in the English Language curriculum in the school.


One of the missions of Oblate Primary School is to promote learning to learn. Since 2011, Oblate Primary School has been promoting pedagogy for gifted education and using General Studies as an entry point by piloting the 13 High-order Thinking Skills (HOTS). The next year, in order to enhance students' thinking skills in different subjects, the school extended the piloting of the 13 HOTS in all subjects. In this sharing session, the speaker will introduce how the school incorporates the 13 HOTS in the English Language curriculum to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching, and stories of collaborating with colleagues for curriculum innovation.