Ms LUI Wai Ting, Vicky
General Studies Panel Chairperson
Marymount Primary School

Ms Vicky Lui received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Teaching English as a Second Language at City University of Hong Kong. She furthered her studies in Postgraduate Diploma of Education in General Studies (Primary) and Master of Education (IT) at The University of Hong Kong. During the study of her Master's degree, she was invited by HKU to participate in paper presentation for CITE Research Symposium 2014. She co-authored with professors from HKU in developing a research on 'Using Social Media Tools in the Learning and Teaching of General Studies in Primary School – An Inquiry-based Approach'. Ms Lui is currently the General Studies panel chairperson at Marymount Primary School.


Using BSCS 5E Model and Differentiated Instruction to Stretch the Potential of Highly Able Students in Science Lessons

Ms Vicky Lui collaborated with the Gifted Education Section of Education Bureau in piloting the BSCS (Biological Sciences Curriculum Study) 5E Model and differentiated instruction to cater for the learning needs of the gifted and high-achievers in General Studies lessons. In this talk, Ms Lui will use exemplars to introduce the Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration and Evaluation stages in the BSCS 5E Model. She will also share her experience in the Gifted Education Teachers Network.

Ms YEUNG Suet-mui
Kowloon Tong Bishop Walsh Catholic School

Ms YEUNG Suet-mui was awarded the Bachelor of Education (Honours). She continues her studies to enhance the efficacy of her leadership in curriculum development and learning and teaching. She completed the Gifted Education Advanced Course in administrative management and curriculum leadership in 2012. She has been co-ordinating the development of gifted education in her school and was invited to share her experiences in teacher training courses. Ms YEUNG has led her colleagues to participate in the Gifted Education Teachers Network (General Studies) of the Education Bureau since 2012 to render support to her colleagues as they incorporate high-order thinking skills in regular classroom. She is also keen to promote cross-school professional exchanges such as lesson co-planning, trial teaching and peer class observation. She has also developed various gifted development programmes including pull-out programmes and external competitions to stretch students' potential.


Participation in Gifted Education Teachers Network as an Entry Point of a Model to develop School-based Teacher Professional Development

"What should we do to kick-start gifted education?" This is a common question in the minds of most educators. The speaker of this session will share with the participants her experiences of how to pull together the development of a school and the school-based gifted education at different levels. In this session, the speaker will talk about her stories of planning and implementing school-based gifted education in her school. There will be highlights on her experiences of facilitating school development, teacher professional growth and developing students' high-order thinking skills in mixed-ability classrooms through the Gifted Education Teachers Network.