Ms LEUNG Yuk-wah
Vice Principal
HKMLC Wong Chan Sook Ying Memorial School

Ms LEUNG Yuk-wah is currently the vice principal of HKMLC Wong Chan Sook Ying Memorial School. She is an active member of the Gifted Education Teacher Network (Chinese and General Studies) of the Gifted Education Section, Education Bureau. She was an honorary school development officer of The Center for University and School Partnership, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She also was a member of the Gifted Education Teacher Network (Affective Education) of the EDB. Ms LEUNG continues to collaborate closely with the Gifted Education Section of the EDB to carry out school-based gifted education programmes to cultivate students' high order thinking skills and nurture students’ affective need. Ms LEUNG has often been invited by the EDB to share her experience in promoting gifted education.


Ms Leung will introduce how the 'Parallel Curriculum Model' can shape her Chinese Language unit lesson plans in order to help P6 students gain a deeper understanding of descriptive skills and strategies so as to enhance their explanatory ability. During the implementation, the Core Curriculum, the Curriculum of Connections, the Curriculum of Practice and the Curriculum of Identity were organised systematically to cater for learning need of students at different levels. In addition, a diverse range of teaching strategies were designed according to the students' abilities and interests through the integration of the Differentiated Teaching Strategies.