Elvinia Weng Lam CHAN
Mathematics Teacher
St. Paul's School (Lam Tin)

Ms. CHAN Weng-Lam Elvinia has studied abroad for her senior secondary and tertiary study in Australia and New Zealand. She received a Bachelor degree of Science (majoring in Applied Mathematics), a Master degree of Science (majoring in Mathematics Education) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching (Mathematics) from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Ms. Chan began her teaching career in 2005 in Hong Kong after completing her studies in New Zealand. She started her teaching in an international school and then switched to continue her teaching in an EMI local school in 2007.

She is interested in language and mathematics and particularly how the bilingual students learn mathematics in the EMI environment. She is currently studying a distance learning programme of Doctoral of Education offered by the University of Bristol in England and conducting a research about students learning mathematics by using their second language in Hong Kong.

Moreover, Ms Chan has particular interest in teaching mathematics with 'fun'. She believes students will be motivated and their interest will be aroused in mathematics if 'fun' can be integrated into teaching.


In this talk, Ms. Chan will share her teaching methods in the context of presenting mathematical concepts and conducting assessments in a more interesting way so as to arouse students' (including gifted students) interest in learning mathematics. She will propose her ideas of how to make students like mathematics as well as mathematics lessons.